Dec 22, 2022


I’ve had a website for a year or two now, ever since I decided to learn HTML and CSS as a pandemic project. In retrospect, this may not have been the best use of my time – I think this website is clearly the work of an amateur, and I’m certainly not going to be winning any awards for my writing or presentation here.

Still, I think it’s nice to have your own corner of the internet. It’s easy to get sucked into the same few big spaces – everyone’s already there! But social media websites are finicky things, and they seem to come and go with the tide.

This website, too, will fade. The internet may be forever, but it’s the same kind of forever as the planet – the landscape may remain the same, but the buildings and people will change. I have no misconceptions that what I’m writing here is meant to be discovered by a far-flung archivist. I don’t even think that many people will see it who are around when I’m writing this!

If, then, I don’t think people are going to see this, why do it? A few reasons. There’s the off chance someone does see it, and likes the content I’ve got up here, and maybe even emails me to let me know! There’s also the ownership of a website with my name attached to it in a world where the number of people doesn’t seem to be dwindling any time soon. But, frankly speaking, if I don’t have a central structure and accountability system, I can become a pretty disorganized guy.

That’s where the content comes in! And, sure, I hate the word as much as you, but what use is an empty website? I have several projects I’m interested in creating and chronicling online: an ongoing music collections, a series of data-driven projects, and a mountainous campaign setting. I’m a big believer in making these projects open and available to anyone who wants them – realistically, the work is just not good enough to ask money for, but even if it were, I don’t see a lot of value in trying to monetize any of this. It’s just too hard to do online!

I’m passionate about a lot of things, and anything that doesn’t fit into the “projects” branding will probably end up as a blog post, similar to this one. I have plenty of misguided, ridiculous thoughts, and I sometimes enjoy putting them into writing. That said, I don’t have an editor, so if there are any problems with something I’ve written, please let me know! My contact information is available on the home page of the website you’re on right now.

I hope to see you around. Maybe if you explore the site enough, we’ll run into each other. Until then!